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If you’re familiar with sports betting, you’re likely aware of the numerous operators in the industry. These operators play a crucial role in providing users with tailored services for placing bets online. However, beyond traditional betting services, there’s a growing trend known as odds trading or betting exchange.

One notable player in this field is 9wickets, specializing exclusively in betting exchange services. This platform stands out from traditional online betting providers by offering a unique approach to sports betting. With 9wickets, users have the opportunity to trade while betting on sports events, adding a new dimension to the betting experience.

To learn more about 9wickets, its unique features, and its connection to the prominent back and lay promoter Betfair, delve deeper into this specialized operator’s offerings.


The concept of betting exchange involves the exchange of bets between brokers or punters, allowing for the buying and selling of bets. In this setup, the bettor holds the reins, as they have the autonomy to determine the odds. 9wickets operates as a trader exchange platform, exclusively offering odds trading with private access, while also taking a commission on brokers’ or bettors’ profits.

It’s important to note that 9wickets caters specifically to sports traders, meaning casual bettors cannot utilize its services. This specialized approach to sports betting through 9wickets allows traders to potentially earn higher profits by setting their own odds. However, individuals residing in Zimbabwe need to engage an external broker to access 9wickets’ services.

In a crowded sports betting market dominated by traditional bookmakers, 9wickets has carved its niche by specializing in trading. To access the platform, private access is required, which is facilitated through a sports betting broker.

Securing an account with 9wickets entails going through various sports betting brokers. While visitors can explore the options available on the website, actual account access necessitates engaging a broker. For a comprehensive understanding of the offerings and odds provided by 9wickets, individuals are encouraged to visit their website and consult the list of brokers for private access.


9WICKETS Promotion

Currently, 9wickets online casino has a lot of deals available. As a welcome offer, new players will immediately get a 100 percent match deposit bonus up to RM1000. To claim the promotion, a minimum deposit of RM100 is necessary. For this bonus, the playthrough requirement is 45 times.

You may also deposit money and RM50, and in either case, you’ll be eligible to receive 25 free spins. Seven days after the date of acceptance, the spins stop working. Cash will be used to pay the winners.

Additionally, there is a 9wickets Bingo deal running right now in which if you sign up as a new member, you may wager RM50 and win RM250.

If you want to play arcade games, you may open a new 9wickets gaming account right now, wager PS10, and get 50 extra spins right now.

Poker players who register for a brand-new 9wickets online poker account can benefit from a 200 percent match deposit bonus, up to an astounding amount of RM500

Welcome Offer

There is an outstanding new player promotion at 9wickets Exchange. You will have the chance to win a payback bonus that could be as high as EUR/PS30 if your bet loses if you register for an account and make a qualifying deposit. It’s simple to qualify for this bonus since all you have to do is deposit at least RM100 initially and wager at least this much.

In the event that the wager is a loss, 9wickets will reimburse you RM100 in incentives. The incentive only applies to deposits made using debit or credit accounts. Additionally, only the initial wager on the transaction will count toward the bonus. Visit the website and find the terms and conditions area to learn more about the campaign.

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