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Introduction to Hot Road

Hot Road is an innovation games provider, the introduction of automated dealers for the robotization of table games is set to revolutionise the industry and exceed the expectations of sceptics who believe that modern solutions cannot significantly improve or differ from the current ones. It allows you to play anytime and anywhere with our fast automatic deposit system that takes only 30 seconds. Enjoy 24-hour live broadcasts that transport you to the casino floor, where you can join in the excitement of baccarat games as if you were sitting in a casino.

Basic Information

HotRoad gaming provider operates with a high level of integrity and fairness. They pride themselves on providing a trustworthy gaming experience for our players, and as such, they have implemented strict measures to ensure that there is no possibility of cheating. Hot Road games are automated, eliminating the need for human dealers and thereby minimizing any potential for fraudulent activity.

Available Games on Hot Road

HotRoad utilizes state-of-the-art technology, employing a robotic arm camera for an incredibly realistic online gaming experience. The game is user-friendly, with players placing bets on ‘Player,’ ‘Bank,’ or ‘Tie.’ Two betting limits are available for both low-limit and high-limit tables. The custom-built system, equipped with embedded sensors, reads bar-coded playing cards, ensuring real-time result displays.

HotRoad features a variety of baccarat game types, including Dragon, Ping Pong, One Two, and more. Each game boasts unique rules and mechanics, offering players diverse options for non-stop enjoyment 24 hours a day. Popular baccarat games on HotRoad include: 



In Dragon, players wager on whether the player or banker will achieve the lengthiest winning streak before encountering a loss. This unique feature, capable of extending across numerous rounds, offers baccarat enthusiasts a captivating and potentially lucrative option.


Ping Pong

In Ping Pong, the game involves two sets of cards, allowing players to place bets on the outcome of each set or the overall result. The goal is to accurately predict which set of cards will hold the higher value or if the sets will end in a tie. This variation introduces an additional level of complexity to the traditional baccarat game, offering a more challenging and engaging experience for seasoned players.

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